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14,99 EUR*
Details Uufwärts E d'Föuse...(Digipak)

Das Konzept-Mini-Album als Neuauflage mit BonusFräkmündts zweite Veröffentlichung ist ein Konzept-Mini-Album über eine Bergwanderung in den Schweizer Zentralalpen. Die hier vorliegende Neuauflage enthält ausführliche Liner-Notes sowie eine ...

174,65 EUR*
Details Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Licensing (Research Handbooks in Intellectual Property)

Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Licensing The Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Licensing explores the complexities of intellectual property licensing law from a comparative perspective through the opinions of leading experts.

87,99 EUR*
Details Public Intellectuals: An Endangered Species? (Rights & Responsibilities)

Public Intellectuals Investigates the definition, role, and decline of public intellectuals in American society. Drawing from a range of commentaries and studies, this volume demonstrates the importance of public intellectuals, and probes the question ...

55,60 EUR*
Details Absent Minds: Intellectuals in Britain

Absent Minds Presenting an account of 'the question of intellectuals' in twentieth-century Britain, this book aims to challenge the myth that there are no 'real' intellectuals in Britain. It offers an analysis of 'the intellectual' as a concept, as ...

98,56 EUR*
Details Republic of Letters: The American Intellectual Community, 1775-1865: The American Intellectual Community, 1776-1865

Republic of Letters By tracing the rise of a national intellectual elite to the conditions presented by the American Revolution, to the nature of eighteenth-century educational institutions, and the reading that was available in those institutions ...

34,83 EUR*
Details Mental Health in Intellectual Disabilities

Mental Health in Intellectual Disabilities New and revised edition providing up-to-date information on mental health problems in people with intellectual disabilities and associated issues. Full description

179,99 EUR*
Details The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights: Comparative Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific Region (Max Planck Series on Asian Intellectual Property Law, Band 15)

The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights This book presents updated and completely revised chapters originally presented in the context of a workshop on 'Intellectual property enforcement in the Asia- Pacific region' at the Centre for ...

26,20 EUR*
Details The Disappearing Liberal Intellectual

[{ The Disappearing Liberal Intellectual - Greenlight By Lott, Eric ( Author ) Mar - 01- 2006 ( Hardcover ) } ]

23,49 EUR*
Details Intellectual Jazz

No Intellectual Jazz Read a customer review or write one .

20,21 EUR*
Details Media Rights and Intellectual Property (Media Topics)

This critical study of intellectual property in the new media environment highlights the ways in which issues of intellectual property are driving the contemporary media economy, from disputes over downloading music from the Internet to negotiations ...

49,19 EUR*
Details A World Made Safe for Differences: Cold War Intellectuals and the Politics of Identity (American Intellectual Culture)

A World Made Safe for Differences This work examines how an anthropological definition of culture shaped the central political and social narratives of the Cold War era. The author suggests that the emphasis on individualism in contemporary identity ...

27,58 EUR*
Details Mao Zedong - a Political and Intellectual Portrait: A Political and Intellectual Portrait (Polity Political Profiles Series)

Mao Zedong Revolutionary and ruler, Marxist and nationalist, liberator and despot, Mao Zedong takes a place among the iconic leaders of the twentieth century. In this new book, Maurice Meisner offers a balanced portrait and in-depth account of the man ...

106,99 EUR*
Details Critical Trajectories: Culture, Society, Intellectuals

Critical Trajectories Critical Trajectories: Culture, Society, Intellectuals brings together for the first time writings from one of the leading figures in cultural studies -- Tony Bennett. Full description

40,93 EUR*
Details Education of Students with an Intellectual Disability: Research and Practice

Education of Students with an Intellectual Disability This book is designed as a college-level textbook introducing readers to all aspects of intellectual disability in children, from birth to the end of schooling, with an educational focus. The book ...

109,13 EUR*
Details Civility and Subversion: The Intellectual in Democratic Society

Civility and Subversion This 1998 book look at the role of the intellectual in democracy, from Central European dissidents to Toni Morrison. Full description

30,99 EUR*
Details Planning and Support for People with Intellectual Disabilities: Issues for Case Managers and Other Professionals

Planning and Support for People with Intellectual Disabilities Provides information for professionals working with people with intellectual disabilities. This book outlines the skills needed and common issues in case management practice across a range ...